Atropine CAS 51-55-8 for sale
Atropine CAS 51-55-8 for sale
Atropine CAS 51-55-8 for sale

Atropine CAS 51-55-8 Wholesale & Bulk

Atropine or atropine sulfate carries FDA indications for anti-sialagogue/anti-vagal effect, organophosphate/muscarinic poisoning, and bradycardia. Atropine acts as a competitive, reversible antagonist of muscarinic receptors: an anticholinergic drug.

The main function of atropine is to relieve smooth muscle spasms, a large amount can relieve small blood vessel spasms, and improve microcirculation while inhibiting gland secretion, relieving the inhibition of the vagus nerve in the heart, making the heartbeat, pupil dilation, intraocular pressure increased, stimulate the respiratory center, relieve respiratory depression. Atropine can be used as an ophthalmic mydriatic and laxative and can alleviate hay fever, cold nasal obstruction, and intestinal spasm, it can be used for the treatment of pediatric nocturia, sometimes for the relief of ureteral and biliary spasm, but also for the treatment of organophosphorus caused by poisoning.

Specifications of Atropine CAS 51-55-8

AppearanceColorless or white crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Melting point114℃ ~ 118℃116.1℃
Optical rotation-0.70°~ +0.05°-0.012°
Loss on drying≤0.2%0.10%
Assay99.0% ~ 100.5%99.13%

Parameters of Atropine CAS 51-55-8

Product parameters
Cas number:51-55-8
Appearance:Colorless or white crystalline powder
Package details:1kg/foil bag; 25kg/drum

Package of Atropine CAS 51-55-8 Wholesale

Package of Atropine CAS 51-55-8

Application of Atropine CAS 51-55-8 Bulk

Clinically used as a antispasmodic drug and as a reagent for the assay of gold.

Application of Atropine CAS 51-55-8

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