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Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulator refers to synthetic agents used to promote or inhibit plant physiological functions: germination, rooting, bud differentiation, flowering, sturdy, deciduous, etc.

Types Of Plant Growth Regulators

Chemical Name CAS MF
Paclobutrazol CAS 76738-62-0




Daminozide CAS 1596-84-5




What Is The Function Of Plant Growth Regulators?

There are many types of plant growth regulators, and they work in different ways. According to their main physiological effects can be classified into growth promoters, growth delay agents, growth inhibitors and hormone herbicides.

What Is The Function Of Plant Growth Regulators?

How Long Does Plant Growth Regulator Last?

After the plant absorbs the growth regulator, it is transported to the place of action, after a series of physiological and biochemical changes, and finally shows the morphological anatomical change, that is, the growth and development change. These changes take time. In fact, plant growth regulators should be applied a few days earlier, depending on the time of physiological anatomical changes in the site to be resolved.

How Long Does Plant Growth Regulator Last?

Are Plant Growth Regulators Safe?

First, plant growth regulators themselves are safe. The target of plant growth regulator is the cell, tissue and organ of a plant, which acts by binding to plant receptors. Plant growth regulators do not act on animals and humans and are therefore safe for humans.

Secondly, the agricultural products treated by plant growth regulators are safe. Plant growth regulator toxicity is low, the dosage is small, the use of concentration is generally in one millionth of an order of magnitude, easy to degrade, as long as in accordance with the use period and use of national regulations, there is no residual problem, not to accumulate in the human body.

Are Plant Growth Regulators Safe?
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