Cardiovascular API Raw Materials

The cardiovascular system is a "closed" pipe system, the heart is the muscle-powered organ that pumps blood, and the pipeline system that transports blood is the vascular system. It transports nutrients absorbed by the digestive tract and oxygen absorbed from the gills or lungs to the organs of the tissues and the metabolites of the organs of each tissue are fed into the blood in the same way and excreted through the lungs and kidneys. It also transports heat to various parts of the body to maintain body temperature and hormones to target organs to regulate its function.

Types Of Cardiovascular API Raw Materials

Chemical Name CAS MF

Features Of Cardiovascular API

The production characteristics of cardiovascular system drugs include the production area divided into two parts, the production process verification and the production process supervision. At the same time, specializing in the production of API manufacturers in the production process needs to control the key control points in the API reaction process, including reactor concentration, material ratio, feeding order, reaction temperature, reaction pressure, catalyst addition and so on.

Features Of Cardiovascular API

Regulations Of Cardiovascular API

As with other types of API, the production of cardiovascular system medications may be GMP compliant. GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to pharmaceutical, food and other industries, requiring enterprises from raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes, packaging transport, quality control and other aspects in accordance with the relevant national regulations to meet the requirements of health quality, the formation of a set of operational norms to help enterprises improve the health environment, timely detection of problems in the production process, to improve.

Regulations Of Cardiovascular API
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