Types and Application Techniques of Acaricides

May 26-2023

In recent years, the damage caused by mites to orchards, vegetable gardens, and other economic crops has become increasingly widespread and rampant. Many farmers cannot distinguish between pest damage...
26 May
Uses and Precautions of Common Feed Additives

May 12-2023

With the rapid development of large-scale animal husbandry, feed additive has become the indispensable substance in the growth of livestock and poultry. Many livestock farms and professional breeders ...
12 May
What Are the Common Synthetic Fragrances?

Apr 25-2023

What are synthetic fragrances? Synthetic fragrances, also known as artificial flavors, are created by humans using scientific methods to imitate natural flavors. They are made by preparing or creati...
25 Apr
The Differences Between Bacteria, Fungi, And Bio-Insecticides

Apr 24-2023

Pesticides are mainly used for controlling agricultural pests and urban health pests, with a long history of use, large quantities and many varieties. In the 20th century, the rapid development of agr...
24 Apr
What Are the Commonly Used Animal Health Feed Additives?

Apr 06-2023

Antibiotics in the Feed AdditiveAntibiotics are metabolites of microorganisms. They can stimulate the growth of bacteria that synthesize known or unknown nutrients, inhibit microorganisms that compete...
06 Apr
Comparison of Several Feed Additives

Mar 19-2023

Antioxidants, plant extracts, enzyme preparations, probiotics, and antimicrobial peptides have become the main force in antibacterial feed and aquaculture. What are their respective characteristics?Fe...
19 Mar
In-Depth Knowledge of Pancreatic Proteases

Mar 01-2023

Pancreatic protease is an enzyme. Pancreatic proteases work in the small intestine and hydrolyzes proteins into peptides, which are further broken down into amino acids. This is a necessary process fo...
01 Mar
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Feb 16-2023

Intermediates are a very important type of fine chemical products, and their essence is a kind of "semi-finished products", which are widely used in the synthesis of medicines, pesticides, p...
16 Feb
What is the Difference Between Natural Fragrance and Artificial Fragrance?

Feb 09-2023

There are many raw materials for making perfume, which are generally divided into artificial and natural according to traditional classification. What everyone is most concerned about is the use of fr...
09 Feb
Classification of Pesticides

Jan 12-2023

Agro insecticide refers to a chemical that kill pests such as beetles, flies, larvae, nose worms, jumping worms, and nearly 10,000 other types of pests. The use of pesticides has gone through several ...
12 Jan
How Much Do You Know About Pharmaceutical Intermediates?

Jan 04-2023

Pharmaceutical intermediates refer to the chemical raw materials or products needed in the synthesis process of drugs. These chemical products can be produced in ordinary chemical factories without ob...
04 Jan
Are Fungal Alpha Amylases the Same As Mesophilic Alpha Amylase Hydrolysates? What's the Difference?

Dec 12-2022

Since starch itself is composed of amylose and amylopectin, different amylases produce different substrates for starch hydrolysis. The fungal α-amylase and mesophilic α-amylase are briefly introduce...
12 Dec
The Properties and Efficacy of Amino Acid Polypeptide

Dec 05-2022

With the rapid development of science and technology, many special substances that are beneficial to human health have been widely used, which has brought many innovations in the field of medical beau...
05 Dec
Discussion on the Function and Application Field of Alpha Amylase

Nov 17-2022

1. The role of alpha amylaseAccording to statistics, amylase accounts for 25% of the enzyme preparation market and is a very important industrial enzyme. There are several types of amylases, namely al...
17 Nov
Physicochemical Properties and Application Fields of Lysozyme

Nov 10-2022

Lysozyme, also known as muramidase or N-acetyl murein hydrolase, is an alkaline enzyme that can hydrolyze glycosaminoglycans in bacteria. Lysozyme mainly breaks the β-1,4 glycosidic bond between N-ac...
10 Nov
Effects and Types of Food Additives

Oct 13-2022

Food additives are a food safety issue that the public is concerned about. Many people think that food additives are the biggest source of harm in food and affect human health. In fact, this is not th...
13 Oct
FDA Approved API Manufacturers List 2022

Oct 12-2022

FDA is one of the executive agencies established by the U.S. government in the Department of Public Health (PHS) under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). FDA mainly includes testing a...
12 Oct
API Manufacturers in USA 2022

Oct 12-2022

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gain huge revenues in the North American Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) market, so companies continue to increase their investment in synthetic APIs...
12 Oct
Top 10 API Pharma Companies in World 2022

Oct 12-2022

According to the 2022 Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Market Report, the market value of API will reach US $291.7 billion by 2027. Active pharmaceutical ingredient, also known as API, r...
12 Oct
Top API Manufacturers in India 2022

Oct 11-2022

Top API manufacturers in India has developed rapidly in recent years since the market share of active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) in India has been increasing year by year. This article will detai...
11 Oct
FX Tells You the Composition of the Flavor and Fragrance

Oct 06-2022

Flavor and fragrance are widely used in our life. Most of the shower gels, laundry detergents and skin care products we usually use contain fragrance ingredients, but do you know the basic composition...
06 Oct
Effects of Mannose Oligosaccharides and Prebiotics in Feed Additives

Sep 15-2022

There are many types of feed additives, and different additives have different functions. So in order to make them more effective, we need to understand different additives and their functions. make b...
15 Sep
What Issues Should Be Paid Attention to in the Research on the Preparation Process of APIs?

Sep 08-2022

The preparation of APIs is the initial stage of drug research and development and the basis of drug research and development. It mainly provides detailed information for quality research, provides pre...
08 Sep
Four common API manufacturing processes

Jul 15-2022

APIs are the premise for the production of pharmaceutical preparations. In each link of the pharmaceutical industry chain, they play a role in the processing and manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical ...
15 Jul
Is There Any Difference Between Essence and Fragrance in Cosmetics?

Jul 08-2022

Everyone knows that natural flavors have a history of more than 5,000 years in China, and are divided into two categories: natural flavors and synthetic flavors. Natural flavors include plant flavors ...
08 Jul
Development and Evolution of Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Mar 09-2022

In fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical intermediate, as an important part, has gradually become the focus and core of developing chemical industry in various countries. To a large extent, the refin...
09 Mar
Analysis on Research and Control of Impurities in API

Feb 23-2022

API quality is the key and source of drug quality control. Among them, the research and control of impurities is related to the clinical safety of drugs, and therefore becomes one of the key links in ...
23 Feb
Natural Fragrances and Synthetic Fragrances

Feb 09-2022

1. Concept of natural fragrancesNatural fragrances refer to natural fragrances that are derived from nature and maintain the original aroma characteristics of animals and plants. It is usually process...
09 Feb
Biological manufacturing of food additives and feed additives

Oct 13-2021

78th API China Wii Be Held On May 16th To 18th
13 Oct
The Difference Between Pharmaceutical Intermediate and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Oct 13-2021

​US FDA approves Xermelo with SSA therapy to treat carcinoid syndrome diarrhea
13 Oct