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Other Founctions API

We also have the API for other functions such as Oxytocin, Procaine Penicillin G, Linocaine hydrochloride etc.

Types Of Other Founctions API

Chemical Name CAS MF
Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6




Procaine Penicillin G CAS 54-35-3

Procaine Penicillin



Linocaine Hydrochloride CAS 6108-05-0

Linocaine Hydrochloride



How Do Other Founctions API Work?

Take Procaine Penicillin G as an example, which is used for chronic infections caused by pathogens sensitive to penicillin, such as bovine uterine pus, fractures, mastitis, etc. It is also used for infections such as line bacteria and hook-end helixes. Similar to penicillin, the product is released and absorbed slowly in the local area after intramuscular injection. The effect is longer than penicillin, but the effective concentration in the blood is low, limited to chronic infections caused by pathogens that are highly sensitive to penicillin, and should not be used to treat serious infections.

How Do Other Founctions API Work?
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