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Enzymes are proteins or RNAs produced by living cells that are highly specific to their substrates and highly catalytic. Enzymes are a very important kind of biocatalyst. Because of enzymes, chemical reactions in organisms can also be carried out efficiently and specificly under extremely mild conditions.

Types Of Enzymes Raw Materials

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What Are Enzymes Used For?

Enzymes digest and absorb the food the body eats and maintain all functions of the internal organs including: cell repair, anti-inflammatory detoxification, metabolism, improved immunity, energy production, and blood circulation. For example, when rice is chewed in the mouth, the longer the chewing time, the more obvious the sweet taste, is due to the rice starch secreted in the mouth under the action of salivary amylase, hydrolyzed into maltose.

What Are Enzymes Used For?

Enzyme Applications

1. Disease diagnosis, rich in high-concentration SOD complex enzymes, has played an increasingly significant role in the conditioning of disease.

2. Clinical treatment, a variety of enzymes in the clinical application of more and more common.

3. Production and life, the use of yeast in the wine industry, is produced through the relevant microorganisms, the role of enzymes will starch and so on through hydrolysis, oxidation, and finally converted into alcohol; Soy sauce, vinegar production is also done under the action of enzymes ...

Enzyme Applications

How Do You Keep Enzymes Alive?

Proteins in enzymes, biologics and other drugs are volatile at high temperatures and reduce their efficacy, so they are generally kept at low temperatures (0-4 degrees C).

Some enzyme preparations can be preserved at room temperature, such as alpha-amylase preparations at room temperature in the second half of the enzyme vitality preservation rate of more than 95%, 1 year preservation rate can reach more than 90%.

How Do You Keep Enzymes Alive?
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