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Pharmaceutical Intermediate Raw Material Wholesale

Intermediate pharmaceutical products are some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis. Different from the general chemical production process, the intermediate product in pharmaceutical industry production process has the characteristics of miniaturization, single batch and multi-function.

Types Of Pharmaceutical Intermediate Products

Chemical Name CAS MF

Case Of Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Intermediates refer to the intermediate products in the process of compound synthesis. Pharmaceutical intermediates are some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of API synthesis, Intermediates include heterocyclic compounds, bulk drug Intermediates, and OLED material intermediate.

As an important pharmaceutical intermediate and material functional monomer, 2,7-dihydroxy-9-fluorenone can be used to synthesize antitumor and sympathetic nerve inhibitors in the pharmaceutical industry; It is used to synthesize herbicides and pesticides in agriculture; In the plastic industry, bisphenol products can be synthesized as stabilizers and plasticizers in the polymerization process and functional polymer materials; In the field of liquid crystal materials, it can be used to synthesize new organic compounds easy to produce mesomorphic phenomena, showing a good application prospect.

Case Of Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturing Process

We have well-equipped laboratories and professional factory facilities to Custom synthesis and mass production of pharmaceutical intermediates for our clients.

Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturing Process

What is the Difference Between API and Pharmaceutical Intermediate?

Pharmaceutical intermediates refer to a material produced in the process steps of the API and must undergo further molecular changes or refinement in order to become an API. An API is a mixture of substances or substances intended for use in the manufacture of a drug and, when used in pharmaceutical use, becomes an active ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, intermediates are the key products of the previous process of making API, which is different from the structure of API.

What is the Difference Between API and Pharmaceutical Intermediate?
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