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Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

Cetrimide has excellent permeation, softening, emulsification, antistatic, biodegradable and bactericidal properties.

Specifications of Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

AppearanceWhite to almost white powderWhite powder
Color≤100 Hazen24

Parameters of Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

Product parameters
Cas number:8044-71-1
Appearance:White to almost white powder
Package details:25kg/fiber drum

Package of our Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

Package of our Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

Application of Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

This product is natural, synthetic rubber, silicone oil and asphalt emulsifier; antistatic agent and softener for synthetic fiber, natural fiber and glass fiber; conditioner for hair conditioner; phase transfer catalyst; emulsion foaming agent, surfactant, Analytical reagent, it is also used as a surface active agent in the production of flux and solder paste. It has strong activity and has a certain effect on bright spots, virtual soldering, and full soldering.

Application of Cetrimide CAS 8044-71-1

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