Cresol CAS 1319-77-3 for sale
Cresol CAS 1319-77-3 for sale

Cresol CAS 1319-77-3 Wholesale & Bulk

Cresol is used as a raw material for synthetic resins, insulating paints, antioxidants, and also as a disinfectant and solvent. Cresol is used in phenolic resins, electrical insulating paints, trimethylphenol phosphate, dyes, surfactants, flotation agents, lubricating oil additives, magnetic paint solvents, preservatives, cold-proof plastic plasticizers, pyrolysis dispersants and solvents in the production process of sebacic acid. The bactericidal power of cresol is 4 times that of phenol, and soapy water is usually added to the mixed cresol to emulsify, that is, it becomes a disinfectant to soda water.

Specifications of Cresol CAS 1319-77-3

AppearanceLight yellow to light pink liquidconform

Parameters of Cresol CAS 1319-77-3

Product parameters
Cas number:1319-77-3
Appearance:Light yellow to light pink liquid
Package details:200Kg/Drum

Our Packages of Cresol CAS 1319-77-3 Wholesale

Our Packages of Cresol CAS 1319-77-3

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