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Pesticides are a class of agents that can poison insects that harm crops, fruit trees, trees, vegetables, storage and sanitation, as well as parasites in and out of livestock and poultry.

Why Are Pesticides Necessary?

The use of pesticides is a modern technology for pest control, which has the advantages of convenience, speed, efficiency and economy.

Why Are Pesticides Necessary?

How Long Does It Take For Pesticide To Be Safe?

The safe interval period for pesticide use refers to the last time the pesticide is applied to the interval between the harvest of agricultural products, which can ensure that the pesticide residues of harvested agricultural products will not exceed the permitted standards set by the state. The safe interval between different pesticides or the same pesticide applied to different crops is different. Therefore, it is necessary to apply pesticides according to the interval of safe use of pesticides, to ensure that agricultural products are picked after the interval period.

How Long Does It Take For Pesticide To Be Safe?

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Pesticides?

1. Minimize contact with pesticides, for example, do not stay in rooms where pesticides are used, leave immediately after application, and open doors and windows after one and a half hours to fully ventilate the exhaust before entering.

2. Do not expose infants and children with underdeveloped brains to pesticides in order to avoid adverse effects on your child's brain development.

3. Take extra care when using pesticides in the kitchen and do not contaminate food, kitchen utensils, etc.

4. Bath after applying insecticide and change your clothes.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Pesticides?
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