Antipyretic Analgesics API Raw Materials

Antipyretic Analgesics are those that restore normal body temperature to a fever patient but have no effect on normal body temperature. These drugs also have moderate-strength analgesic effects, but they are not as strong as morphine and its synthetic substitutes. Commonly used anti-heat analgesics can be divided into salicylic acid, aniline and pyrazolone according to chemical structure. Among them, in addition to aniline drugs, other have anti-rheumatism effect, can also be treated for rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types Of Antipyretic Analgesics API Raw Materials

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Features Of Antipyretic Analgesics API

Because their chemical structure and mechanism of action are different from steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioid analgesics, these drugs are also called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and non-narcotic analgesics. At present, the main commonly used anti-heat analgesic drugs are aspirin, paracetamol, analgin, ibuprofen and so on, mainly used for anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs have anti-inflammatory pain and naproxen and so on.

Features Of Antipyretic Analgesics API

Key Points Of Antipyretic Analgesics API

Antipyretic analgesics are one of the most commonly used drugs in clinical practice. However, abuse or increased dose application can have significant side effects and adverse reactions, some of which may not be a big problem for young people, but it is best to pay attention. It can be serious or dangerous for the elderly. Therefore, the use of anti-heat analgesics in the elderly should pay special attention.

Key Points Of Antipyretic Analgesics API
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