Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0 for sale
Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0 for sale

Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0 Wholesale & Bulk

In terms of breeding, garlic oil has a significant food-attracting effect on animals. It has a bactericidal, antioxidant effect in the body, and can enhance the immune function of animals.

The main functions of garlic oil are as follows: 1. Broad-spectrum and efficient antibacterial ability, it is the disease nemesis of aquatic, livestock and poultry animals; 2. Actively regulate the immune system, which can increase the number of macrophages and T cells, enhance cell phagocytosis, 3. It can improve animal immunity, enhance disease resistance, and promote the growth of animals; 4. It is an excellent flavoring function, safe and efficient food attractant; 5. It has strong anti-mildew and antioxidant function, and a protective agent for feed nutrients; 6. It has good detoxification function, can inhibit the toxicity of aflatase toxin, and remove heavy metal ions; 7. It can improve the meat flavor of livestock and poultry products and aquatic products, and increase the selling point of products.

Specifications Of Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0

AppearanceLight yellow clear oily liquidconform

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Parameters Of Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0

Product parameters
Cas number:8000-78-0
Appearance:Light yellow clear oily liquid
Package details:25kg/Plastic drum; 180Kg/Metal drum

Packing Of Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0 Wholesale

Packing Of Garlic oil CAS 8000-78-0

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