Glycerin Rosin Ester CAS NO. 8050-31-5 for sale
Glycerin Rosin Ester CAS NO. 8050-31-5 for sale
Glycerin Rosin Ester CAS NO. 8050-31-5 for sale

Glycerin Rosin Ester CAS NO. 8050-31-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Glycerol rosin ester, also known as glycerin rosin ester, is a type of resin derived from the esterification of rosin with glycerol. Rosin is a natural resin obtained from pine trees, primarily used in various industries such as adhesives, inks, coatings, and chewing gum.

When rosin is esterified with glycerol, it forms a product with improved properties, such as increased solubility in alcohol and other solvents, enhanced flexibility, and tackiness. This makes glycerin rosin ester a valuable ingredient in formulations where these properties are desired, such as in adhesive products, printing inks, and varnishes. Additionally, it can act as a plasticizer in certain applications, providing flexibility to the final product.

Glycerin Rosin Ester/Ester Gum CAS 8050-31-5 Introduction



Glycerin Rosin Ester/Ester Gum CAS 8050-31-5 Applications 

1. **Adhesives:** Glycerin rosin ester is used as a tackifier in adhesives, providing improved adhesion properties and tackiness. It helps in enhancing the bonding strength and flexibility of the adhesive.

2. **Printing Inks:** It is employed in the formulation of printing inks, especially in flexographic and gravure printing inks. Glycerin rosin ester improves the ink's flow properties, adhesion to substrates, and gloss characteristics.

3. **Coatings:** In coatings, particularly in varnishes and lacquers, glycerin rosin ester acts as a film-forming agent, providing durability, gloss, and adhesion to the coated surface.

4. **Chewing Gum Base:** It is used as a component in chewing gum base formulations to improve the chewiness and texture of the gum while also aiding in flavor release.

5. **Personal Care Products:** Glycerin rosin ester can be found in certain personal care products such as lipsticks, where it serves as a binder and thickening agent.

6. **Paper Products:** In the paper industry, glycerin rosin ester can be used in paper sizing formulations to improve the water resistance and strength of the paper.

These are just a few examples, and the versatility of glycerin rosin ester allows for its use in various other applications across different industries.

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