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24292 60 2
24292 60 2
Nadp 2na
Nadp 2na

NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

NADP-2Na is widely used in the energy metabolism process of living organisms, and purine nucleotides are important energy substances in the body.

Specifications of NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

AppearanceWhite powderConforms

Parameters of NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

Product parameters
Cas number:24292-60-2
Appearance:White powder
Purity:95%; 98%
Package details:100g/bottle; 1kg/foil bag

Application of NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

Acting on biological enzyme reactions such as ketoreductase, enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, montelukast and other APIs and intermediates.

Application of NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

Package of our NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

Package of our NADP-2Na CAS 24292-60-2

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