Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7 for sale
Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7 for sale

Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7 Wholesale & Bulk

Glabridin has whitening, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects, and is a cosmetic raw material with great application value.

Glabridin has a strong antibacterial, prevent ultraviolet inflammation, pigmentation and rough skin and other effects, can remove superoxide ions, inhibit hemolysis caused by hydrogen peroxide, it can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, but also can inhibit the activity of dopa pigment interchange and DHICA oxidase, is a fast, efficient, green whitening cosmetic additive, with SOD (superoxide dismutase) similar ability to remove oxygen free radicals, but also has the ability to fight oxygen radicals similar to vitamin E. In addition, glabridin also has strong oxidation, anti-atherosclerosis and has a certain effect of lowering blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

Specifications of Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7

AppearanceYellowish Brown Powderconform

Parameters of Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7

Product parameters
Cas number:59870-68-7
Appearance:Yellowish Brown Powder
Package details:25Kg/Drum

Our Packages of Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7 Wholesale

Our Packages of Glabridin CAS 59870-68-7

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