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Synthetic fragrances are "monomer" spices that humans imitate through the science and technology at their disposal, and are prepared or created by chemical or biological synthesis using different raw materials.

Types Of Synthetic Fragrances Raw Materials

Chemical Name CAS MF

Natural Vs Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances do not produce the same effects as natural fragrances because: 1. Natural fragrances are a complex mixture that often contains a variety of compounds, and the aroma composition is extremely complex, and at today's chemical and biotechnology levels, it is difficult to fully accurately analyze and grasp the aroma composition. 2. The efficacy of natural fragrances is not only related to the structure of the aroma itself, but also closely related to the human sense of smell.

Natural Vs Synthetic Fragrances

How To Tell If A Fragrance Is Synthetic?

Synthetic fragrances include hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, esters, lactones, aldehydes, ketones, phenols, ethers, acetals, ketals, shiff base, nitrile, macrocyclic, polycyclic, heterocyclic (pyrazine, pyridine, furan furosemide thiazole, etc.), sulfides, halides and so on.

How To Tell If A Fragrance Is Synthetic?

The Benefits of Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrance composition is clear, can carry out relevant biological experiments, safe to use, and the aroma is stable, added product aroma can also be stable, bring us easy to use. Synthetic fragrances in the synthesis process, through the selection of solvents, and removal and other means, so that solvents are controlled within a safe range.

The Benefits of Synthetic Fragrances
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