Our Paracetamol Brought Hope to Them in Those Difficult Time

During the epidemic of COVID-19 in Mar 2020, one of our customers Dr. Christian Fehske who ran a big pharmacy in Germany sent me an email, they needed paracetamol urgently in Germany to reduce fever in patients, he asked if we could help to ship some paracetamol to them soon, as the pharmaceutical companies in Germany were closed and couldn’t supply medicines that time because of the epidemic. At the same time, China was getting better and approaching “normal“ again after those extraordinary weeks and months. We have had several pleasure in cooperation with Dr. Christian Fehske before, he was a very nice man. So, although Wuhan was still under shutdown at that time, we still tried our best to prepare the products and solve the problems of transportation, and shipped the material to him very soon. He was very thankful about it and sent a picture of his team for me to see some of the people we were helping, “I and my team of about 80 employees are very happy that in this difficult time there is some hope coming from Wuhan, we have already started to prepare to make paracetamol solution for babies and suppositories for small children. “


When the first parcel arrived, he was very happy and even took a picture with his father and his head of lab and production, with this product, they could help a lot of patients.


There was one other thing he told me: In Germany, laws are very strict about health products. So for example, I had to have an independent lab test your paracetamol, before I am legally allowed to use it in my pharmacy. The test result was perfect, so everything was fine - and therefore I will feel very comfortable recommending your products and your company to other pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.


It was really a memorable experience for me, it was not just a business deal, it mean a lot, my company and I also felt very happy and proud that we could help others in this special time and our products and our company could be recognized by our customs. We will continue to provide the best products and services to help more people.

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