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Isooctyl Palmitate CAS 1341-38-4

Isooctyl palmitate is widely used in skin care products and cosmetics. Isooctyl palmitate is an excellent skin softener; its performance is stable, it is not easy to oxidize or produce odors, and it can make the skin soft and smooth without greasy feeling, and has good permeability.

Specifications of Isooctyl Palmitate CAS 1341-38-4

AppearanceColorless or slight yellow oily liquidQualified
Content %≥9898.95
Color (Hazen)≤2515
Acid value
(mg KOH/g)
Saponification value (mg KOH/g)150~160154

Parameters of Isooctyl Palmitate CAS 1341-38-4

Product parameters
Cas number:1341-38-4
Appearance:Colorless or slight yellow oily liquid
Package details:175kg/drum

Package of our Isooctyl Palmitate CAS 1341-38-4

Package of our Isooctyl Palmitate CAS 1341-38-4

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