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Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

Dodecylamine is used as an active agent in geological analysis and is also used in chromatographic analysis.

Specifications of Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

AppearanceWhite waxy solidConforms
Total Amine Value295mg/g~306mg/g303.2 mg/g
Iodine Value≤1g/100g0.08 g/100g

Parameters of Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

Product parameters
Cas number:124-22-1
Appearance:White waxy solid
Package details:160kg/drum

Package of our Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

Package of our Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

Application of Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

Used in the preparation of surfactants, mineral flotation agents, dodecyl quaternary ammonium salts, fungicides, pesticides, emulsifiers, detergents, etc.

Application of Dodecylamine CAS 124-22-1

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