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Antifungals API Raw Materials

Antifungal drugs are drugs that inhibit or kill the growth or reproduction of fungi. Fungal infection can be divided into superficial fungal infection and deep fungal infection two categories, superficial infection is caused by bacteria invading the skin, hair, finger (toe) armor and other body surface, high incidence, less harmful. Deep fungal infection is caused by Candida and cryptococcal bacteria invading internal organs and deep tissue, the incidence rate is low, the harm is large.

Features Of Antifungals API

Depending on the chemical structure, it can be divided into: antibiotic antifungal drugs, such as Amphotericin B; azole antifungal drugs, such as ketoconazole; acrylamide antifungal drugs, such as tebifen; and pyrimidine antifungal drugs, such as fluorosine.

Features Of Antifungals API

Techniques Of Antifungals API

For antifungal drugs, we have strict management practices at every step: this includes material management, production management, finished packaging management and inventory management.

Techniques Of Antifungals API
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