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Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

Dimethicone is used as an additive for daily chemical products, textile softener, lubricant, defoamer, rubber and plastic release agent, etc.

Specifications of Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

AppearanceColorless and clear oily liquidConforms
Relative density0.967~0.9750.9713
Refractive index1.4013~1.40531.40392
Phenyl compoundAbsorbance ≤ 0.20.04
Loss on drying≤ 0.3%0.11%

Parameters of Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

Product parameters
Cas number:9006-65-9
Appearance:Colorless and clear oily liquid
Purity:various viscosity
Package details:25kg/drum; 200kg/drum

Package of our Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

Package of our Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

Application of Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

Dimethicone is a form of silicone used to give products lubricity, slip, and good feel. It can also serve as a formulation defoamer and help reduce the feeling of greasiness that some creams leave on the skin immediately upon application. In addition, dimethicone can protect the skin against moisture loss when used in larger quantities. It improves product flow and spreadability. In combination with other ingredients, dimethicone becomes a good waterproofing material for sunscreen emulsions, and helps reduce the greasiness often seen in high-SPF preparations.

Application of Dimethicone CAS 9006-65-9

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