Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0 for sale
Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0 for sale

Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0 Wholesale & Bulk

Cyclohexanol is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

Cyclohexanol is an important chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of adipic acid, hexanediamine, cyclohexanone, caprolactam, can also be used as a stabilizer for soap, the manufacture of disinfectant soap and detergent emulsion, used as rubber, resin, nitrofiber, metal soap, oil, ester, ether solvent, coating admixture, leather degreasing agent, film remover, dry cleaning agent, polishing agent. Cyclohexanol is also a raw material for fiber finishing agents, pesticides and plasticizers, and cyclohexanol reacts with phosgene to obtain cyclohexyl chloroformate, which is an intermediate of the initiator dicyclohexyl peroxide.

Specifications of Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0

Appearancecolorless oily liquidconform

Parameters of Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0

Product parameters
Cas number:108-93-0
Appearance:colorless oily liquid
Package details:200Kg/Drum

Our packages of Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0 Wholesale

Our packages of Cyclohexanol CAS 108-93-0

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