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Acaricide is a class of pesticides specifically designed to prevent and control harmful acarid. Most of the acaricide have a culling effect or internal suction effect, the different stages of development of acarid often show a certain degree of selectivity, some acaricide are effective against adults, young moths and eggs, some can only kill ticks and not effective on eggs; Others can only kill eggs, called egg killers. Appropriate acaricide should be selected according to the type of acarid and the period of prevention and control.

Types Of Acaricide

Chemical Name CAS MF
Chlorfenapyr CAS 122453-73-0




Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1




Ivermectin CAS 70288-86-7




Methylamino Abamectin Benzoate CAS 137512-74-4

Methylamino Abamectin Benzoate



How To Use An Acaricide?

Acaricides are mostly low-toxic substances, relatively safe for people and animals. Acarid are more resistant to acaricide. There is usually no interaction resistance between different types of acaricide. In order to delay the development of acarid resistance, attention should be paid to the rotation or mixed use of different types of acaricide.

How To Use An Acaricide?

Is Ivermectin An Acaricide?

Ivermectin is a new type of broad-spectrum acaricide.

Is Ivermectin An Acaricide?

What Is Difference Between Acaricide And Insecticide?

Insecticide are pesticides used to prevent, eliminate or control pests; and acaricide is a class of pesticides specifically designed to control harmful acarids. Acaricide should be classified as insecticides. First of all, acarids are also insects, and second, many acaricides are also used in other insecticide. Acaricides are also found in places where conventional insecticides are different, as acarids occur in more algebra within 1 year, have strong population growth capacity, and cross-egg periods, so acarids are more likely to develop resistance. Basically, acarids are highly drug resistance to conventional insecticides.

What Is Difference Between Acaricide And Insecticide?
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