Saponin CAS 8047-15-2 for sale
Saponin CAS 8047-15-2 for sale

Saponin CAS 8047-15-2 Wholesale & Bulk

Saponin is used in light industry, chemical industry, pesticides, feed, aquaculture, textile, oil production, mining, building materials and highway construction and other fields. 1. Saponin can remove expectorant and relieve cough. Especially those total saponin contained in Chinese medicinal materials, this effect is the most obvious, like bellflower and yuanzhi are particularly high saponin content, their cough and phlegm effect is also particularly excellent. 2. Saponin can relieve heat and calm the nerves. Saponin is a natural substance that can directly act on the human nervous system, it can relieve heat, but also calm the nerves, have a certain relief effect on human fever and a variety of fevers, and it also has obvious conditioning effect on human neurasthenia and anxiety and other adverse symptoms. 3. Saponin can improve human immunity. After saponin enter the human body, they can promote the synthesis of DHA and protein in the human body, can promote the regeneration of immune cells, can also improve the activity of immune cells, can significantly improve the body's immunity, ginseng saponin has the most outstanding effect.

Specifications Of Saponin CAS 8047-15-2

Appearancewhite powderconform

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Parameters Of Saponin CAS 8047-15-2

Product parameters
Cas number:8047-15-2
Appearance:white powder
Package details:25Kg/Drum

Packing Of Saponin CAS 8047-15-2 Wholesale

Packing Of Saponin CAS 8047-15-2

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