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Natural fragrance refers to the original and unprocessed direct application of animals, plant fragrance sites; or extract or refine spices by physical means without changing their original composition. Natural fragrances include animal and plant natural flavors.

Why Don'T Natural Fragrances Last As Long As Designer Fragrances?

Natural fragrances are mainly processed using physical methods and do not change their original composition. As a result, these fragrances are susceptible to climate, environment, transportation and many other factors, so that it does not last as long as designer fragrances.

Why Don'T Natural Fragrances Last As Long As Designer Fragrances?

Natural Fragrances Benefits

1,Flavor enhancement: Flavor enhancement is one of the important role of natural fragrances.
2, anti-corrosion sterilization: natural fragrances contain some natural medicinal ingredients, they can anti-inflammatory sterilization inhibit bacterial reproduction.

Natural Fragrances Benefits

How Are Natural Fragrances Made?

There are four common natural flavor extraction methods:

  1. Steam distillation;

  2. Extraction method;

  3. Cold pressing and cold grinding;4.Adsorption method.

How Are Natural Fragrances Made?
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