Antiparasitics API Raw Materials

Parasitic disease is one of the most serious diseases that harm human beings and animals. Many of these parasitic diseases are zoonotic. Antiparasitic drugs are used to exorcise and kill in vivo and external parasites. According to the drug anti-worm action and parasite classification, anti-parasitic drugs can be divided into: anti-worm drugs, antigen drugs and insecticidal drugs.

Types Of Antiparasitics API Raw Materials

Chemical Name CAS MF

Features Of Antiparasitics API

1. Many antiparasitic drugs can inhibit the metabolic process of insects by inhibiting the activity of enzymes in the insect body.

2. Some antiparasitic drugs can directly interfere with the metabolic process of the insect.

3. Some antiparasitic drugs can act directly on the neuromuscular system of the worm, affecting its motor function or causing the death of the worm's paralysis.

4. It can interfere with the balance or transport of ions in the insect body.

Features Of Antiparasitics API

How Antiparasitics API Are Made?

Nitazoxanide is a traditional broad-spectrum, high-efficiency anti-parasitic drug. Its synthesis methods are mainly condensation reagent method and acyl chloride process.

How Antiparasitics API Are Made?

Uses Of Antiparasitics API

1. Only by correctly understanding and using the relationship between drugs, parasites and hosts, familiar with the physical and chemical character of the drug, and using reasonable dosage forms, dosages, courses and methods, can the best therapeutic results be achieved.

2. In order to control the measurement and course of medication, it is important to select a small number of animals to conduct insect repellent experiments before using antiparasitic drugs for large-scale insect repellent, so as to avoid a large number of poisoning accidents.

3. In the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases, different types of antiparasitic drugs should be regularly replaced to avoid or reduce resistance to the insects due to the long-term or repeated use of certain antiparasitic drugs.

4. In order to avoid drug residues in animal foods that endanger the health of consumers and cause public nuisance, the maximum amount of residual limits for drugs in animal tissues must be subject to the provisions.

Uses Of Antiparasitics API
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