Antibiotics API Raw Materials

The first antibiotic drug discovered in humans was penicillin, which was developed during World War II due to the need for effective anti-infective agents. Antibiotics generally refer to a class of substances produced by bacteria, molds or other microorganisms in the course of life with anti-pathogen properties. It is an important drug to control human and animal infectious diseases, anti-tumor and plant pests and diseases. Antibiotics are a secondary metabolite of microorganisms, and when used in small low concentrations, they can inhibit or kill the growth and metabolism of another microorganism.

Types Of Antibiotics API Raw Materials

Chemical Name CAS MF

Features Of Antibiotics API

1. Directly act on bacterial cells.

2. Selective antigenic spectrum.

3. Effective action concentration.

Features Of Antibiotics API

How Antifungals Pharmaceutical Ingredients Are Made?

The main process steps of producing antibiotics by fermentation method include the preparation of bacteria, seed expansion cultivating, fermentation, pretreatment of fermentation fluid, separation purification, drying of metabolic products, and finally the production of products.

How Antifungals Pharmaceutical Ingredients Are Made?
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