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Biochemical Engineering is one of the pillar industries of the 21st century and is the inter-discipline of biology, chemistry, and engineering, being the general term of biochemical engineering and bio-processing engineering as well as being a branch of biotechnology. It is also one of the frontiers of chemical engineering disciplines and is the means for the conversion of biological technology into productivity, industrialization, and commercialization.

Biochemical Engineering products are products with animals, plants, microorganisms as raw materials and processed through approaches of biochemical engineering, physics, and chemistry. It is widely applied to various kinds of fields including medicine, food, feed, basic organic chemicals, organic acids, and bio-pesticides.

We can supply all kinds of biochemical products, such as Amino acids and proteins, Enzymes and coenzymes, Polypeptide, Nucleoside, Saccharide and so on. For example, we ever provide a peptide product Exenatide Acetate to a Taiwan(China) customer to study the control of diabetes in animals. Exenatide Acetate is a synthetic GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) analog composed of 39 amino acids. Exenatide Acetate is an incretin mimetic drug that can mimic the glucose-dependent insulin secretion enhancement effect and other antihyperglycemic effects of incretin.

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