Dyestuff are a class of organic compounds that give other substances a distinct and firm color. Pigments are powdery substances used for coloring.

Types Of Pigment & Dyestuff

Chemical Name CAS MF

What Is The Difference Between Dyestuff And Pigment?

1. Pigments are substances that color objects. Dyestuff is a material that can color fibers and other materials, and the difference is that pigments make objects colorable easily in a certain environment, and dyes are not easy to fall off, discoloration.

2. Pigments are insoluble in the medium and dyestuff dissolved in the medium.

3. Pigments are particle-like in the media and dyestuff are molecular.

What Is The Difference Between Dyestuff And Pigment?

Common Applications Of Dyes & Pigments

Pigments are indispensable raw materials for the coating industry, in addition to widely used in the printing industry, rubber industry, cosmetic pigments and so on, and dyesdyestuff are widely used, can be used for fiber, wood, paper, leather, cellophane and other coloring, of which the most used is the printing and dyeing of textiles.

Common Applications Of Dyes & Pigments

Dye And Pigments Impact Factor

1. The factors affecting pigment applications are dispersion, oil absorption, covering force, coloring force and light resistance.

2. Staining fastness is one of the important quality indicators to measure stained finished products, including: sun, soap washing, sweat stains, friction, brushing, ironing, flue gas and other fastness.

Dye And Pigments Impact Factor
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