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Antidotes API

It refers to drugs that can eliminate or neutralizing poisons, combat toxic effects, reduce toxic reactions, relieve or reduce symptoms of poisoning, reduce poisoning deaths, and treat poisoning.

Types Of Antidotes API

Chemical Name CAS MF
DMPS Monohydrate CAS 207233-91-8

DMPS Monohydrate



DMSA CAS 304-55-2




Features Of Antidotes API

It can be divided into specific (i.e. specific attributes) and nonspecific (low specific attributes), the former is a special effects antidote, the latter is called a general antidote.

Features Of Antidotes API

How To Store The Antidotes API

Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool and dark place. Store away from incompatible materials such as oxidizing agents. Light-sensitive.

How To Store The Antidotes API
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