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Purine is a substance present in the body, mainly in the form of purine nucleotide, which plays a very important role in energy supply, metabolic regulation and coenzyme composition.

Types Of Purines

Chemical Name CAS MF
Kinetin CAS 525-79-1




Adenine CAS 73-24-5




What Does Purines Do To Your Body?

Purines is the component of nucleic acids, which are one of the basic components of the human body. It plays an important role in the growth and development of human body and reproduction, and is also the material basis of genetics.

What Does Purines Do To Your Body?

How Long Do Purines Stay In Your System?

Purines eventually forms uric acid after a series of metabolic changes. Uric acid in the body has no physiological function, under normal circumstances, the body produced uric acid, 2/3 by the kidneys, the remaining 1/3 from the intestines.

How Long Do Purines Stay In Your System?

Where Do Purines Come From?

The sources of purines are divided into endogenous purines which is mainly from oxidative decomposition of nucleic acids, accounting for 80% of the total purines, and exogenous purines is mainly from food intake, accounting for 20% of the total purines.

Where Do Purines Come From?
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