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Nucleosides are the general term for a class of glycosides. Nucleotides are the components of nucleic acids and nucleotides. Nucleosides are made up of D-ribose or D-Z-deoxyribose combined with pyrimidine or purine base. Nucleosides are divided into ribonucleoside and deoxyribonucleoside, depending on the pentose they contain.

Types Of Nucleosides Raw Materials

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Nucleoside Function

Nucleosides are the main components of nucleic acids. Some nucleosides and their derivatives have significant physiological functions, such as Inosine that can treat acute and chronic hepatitis and rheumatic heart disease, and have the effect of increasing white blood cells. Floxuridine can fight tumors, less toxic than 5-Fluorouracil, it has a certain effect on liver cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer. Cytarabine has a significant effect on the treatment of leukemia.

Nucleoside Function

What Is The Difference Between Nucleoside And Nucleotide?

Nucleotides are made up of three molecules, phosphoric acid group, xylose and nucleobase. Nucleosides are made up of purine or pyrimidine that are condensed with ribose or deoxyribose.

What Is The Difference Between Nucleoside And Nucleotide?

What Chemicals Are In A Nucleoside?

Nucleosides produced by D-ribose are called ribonucleosine, which are made up of RNA, nucleosides produced by D-α-deoxyribose, called deoxyribonucleoside, and participate in DNA.

What Chemicals Are In A Nucleoside?
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