UV Absorbers are light stabilizers that absorb the ultraviolet parts of sunlight and fluorescent light sources without changing in themselves.

Types Of UV Absorbers

Chemical Name CAS MF

How Do UV Absorbers Work?

It converts high-energy UV light energy into heat or non-destructive longer light waves, protecting substances with UV absorbents from UV damage.

How Do UV Absorbers Work?

Common Applications Of UV Absorbers

UV Absorbers are mainly used as light stabilizer for plastics, rubber, coatings, dyes, etc., to prevent their Photolysis during long-term exposure to sunlight. Generally requires light color, good solubility, heat resistance and chemical stability, low volatility and so on.

Common Applications Of UV Absorbers

Uses Of UV Absorbers?

The use of UV absorbers should have the following conditions 

(1) to strongly absorb UV rays (especially at wavelengths of 290-400nm); 

(2) good thermal stability, even in the processing will not change due to heat, heat volatility is small; 

(3) Good chemical stability, not adverse reactions to the material components in the product; 

(4) good mixing solubility, can be evenly dispersed in the material, do not spray frost, do not seep out; 

(5) the photochemical stability of the absorbent itself is good, does not decompose, does not change color; 

(6) colorless, non-toxic, odorless; 

(7) resistant to immersion; 

(8) cheap, easy to obtain, 

(9). Insoluble in water.

Uses Of UV Absorbers?
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