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Plant Growth Regulator Chemicals

(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

(+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) is a plant hormone that is involved in many plant development processes, regulates ion balance and metabolism, and inhibits plant germination and seedling growth.

Specifications of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

AppearanceWhite or off white powderConform
Water0.2% - 1.0%0.3%
Any impurity≤0.5%0.4%
Total imputities≤2.0%0.5%
AssayAbscisic Acid (C15H20O4) ≥ 980ug/mg994 ug/mg
(The ratio of  Abscisic Acid should be ≥98% )98.75%

Parameters of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

Product parameters
Cas number:21293-29-8
Appearance:White or off white powder
Package details:100g/bag

Package of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

Package of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

Application of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

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Application of (+)-Abscisic acid(ABA) CAS 21293-29-8

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