The Properties and Efficacy of Amino Acid Polypeptide

With the rapid development of science and technology, many special substances that are beneficial to human health have been widely used, which has brought many innovations in the field of medical beauty and brought a lot of good news to the public. For example, the application of amino acid polypeptides has effectively improved the sub-health status of many people, so it has been highly recognized by more people. So, what are the effects of amino acid polypeptides? Next, we will introduce it in detail.

Ⅰ. Properties of amino acid polypeptides

1. Physical and chemical properties

(1) Colorless crystals

The melting point of amino acid polypeptides is above 230°C, and most of them have no exact melting point. When melting, they decompose and release CO2; they can be dissolved in strong acid and strong alkali solutions, all soluble in water except cystine, tyrosine and diiodothyronine; In addition to proline and hydroxyproline, are insoluble in ethanol.

(2) Both properties

There are three types of amino acid polypeptides: basic, acidic, and neutral. Most amino acids are acidic or basic to varying degrees, and less neutral. Therefore, it can not only combine with acid to form a salt, but also combine with a base to form a salt. There are many varieties of amino acids and their derivatives, most of which are stable in nature and should be stored away from light and dry.

Ⅱ. The efficacy of amino acid polypeptides

The most well-known effect of amino acid polypeptides is that they can effectively enhance the body's immunity, and can play a very good defense against the invasion of various viruses, which is equivalent to bringing all-round protection to people's health. Secondly, the special substance of amino acid polypeptide can quickly replenish the energy of cells, especially after people reach middle age, life pressure and work pressure often make people exhausted and feel that their energy is obviously not as good as before, and amino acid polypeptide can effectively improve this situation and allow people's energy to be quickly improved. In addition, for those friends who have poor sleep quality, amino acid polypeptides can also effectively improve this symptom. After the sleep quality is improved, all aspects of the body's functions will naturally improve accordingly.

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