Development and Evolution of Pharmaceutical Intermediate

In fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical intermediate, as an important part, has gradually become the focus and core of developing chemical industry in various countries. To a large extent, the refined share represents the level of economic development and competitiveness of a country or region.

1. Pharmaceutical intermediates are an important part of fine chemical industry

Pharmaceutical intermediate, as a part of fine chemical industry, is characterized by high investment efficiency, high profit margin and high added value. Generally speaking, fine chemical industry is a capital industry with high capital intensity. As a pharmaceutical intermediate project, it is no exception. The average index of capital intensity in chemical industry and fine chemical industry is very low. Therefore, The research and development of pharmaceutical intermediate project has been widely concerned and favored by countries and researchers all over the world.

2. Current situation and development trend of pharmaceutical intermediate abroad

① The renewal speed of pharmaceutical intermediate is accelerated, and new varieties emerge one after another.

② It is increasingly difficult to create pharmaceutical intermediates.

③ Intermediate enterprise is a high-tech industry, which belongs to knowledge intensive industry.

④ Pay attention to scientific and technological information and carry out prediction and pharmaceutical intermediate evaluation.

3. Characteristics of pharmaceutical intermediates in China

First, production enterprises are mainly private enterprises with flexible operation and small investment scale. Second, production enterprises are mainly concentrated in areas centered on Taizhou, Zhejiang and Jintan, Jiangsu. Third, with the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, the pressure on production enterprises to build environmental protection treatment facilities has increased. Fourth, the product update speed is fast. Fifth, compared with chemical products, the profits of pharmaceutical intermediates are relatively high, and they have certain similarities in the production process. Therefore, many small chemical enterprises have joined the ranks of pharmaceutical intermediates, which further makes the industry competition extremely fierce.

Only interdisciplinary, multi-directional and high starting point can seize new growth points, cultivate and incubate them as productive forces, establish engineering centers and scientific research bases, and create more technical platforms for the birth of new products, so as to promote the sound and rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

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