FX Tells You the Composition of the Flavor and Fragrance

Flavor and fragrance are widely used in our life. Most of the shower gels, laundry detergents and skin care products we usually use contain fragrance ingredients, but do you know the basic composition of flavor and fragrance? According to the role of spices in flavor and fragrance, they can be generally divided into four categories: main fragrances, auxiliary flavors, top fragrances and fixatives.

1. Main fragrance

The main fragrance is the basis of the main fragrance of the fragrance, which represents the characteristics of the fragrance and can be composed of one kind of fragrance or two or even dozens of fragrances.

2. Auxiliary flavor

It is mainly used to make up for the lack of aroma of the main fragrance, so that the aroma of the essence becomes elegant, fresh and harmonious, and the main aroma of the essence is more vivid and prominent. Adjuvants can often be divided into two types: and mixtures and modifiers. The aroma of the mixture is of the same type as the main fragrance, and its function is to enhance the aroma of the main fragrance and enhance the main aroma characteristics of the essence. The modifier plays a role in modifying the essence, making it emit a specific effect of aroma (flavor), adjusting the aroma, and adding a new flavor to the essence. How to choose better blends and modifiers is often a skill in perfumery work.

3. Top fragrance

Sometimes it is also called top fragrance, which is generally composed of more volatile raw materials. Its function is to make the aroma of the whole essence more prominent.

4. Fixative 

French lavender essence introduction: It is a substance with a higher boiling point. It can be a kind of spice or a substance with no aroma or a very weak aroma. It can be divided into animal fixatives (such as ambergris, civet incense, etc. ), vegetable fixatives (such as absolute oil, extract, etc.), synthetic fixatives (such as benzyl benzoate). Its main function is to delay the volatilization rate of some more volatile fragrance components in the essence. The aroma characteristics or aroma type of the essence can be kept relatively stable and lasting, or the essence has a certain aroma (taste) in the whole volatilization process.

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