What Are the Hazards of Unsafe and Overuse of Feed Additive?

The harm caused by the abuse of feed additives is multifaceted, and the losses are huge. In order to produce green and safe livestock and poultry products, we must strictly control the quality and safety of feed and feed additives, and strictly limit and prohibit the use of feed additives that affect animal product safety.

The importance of feed additive safety

The consumption of animal products accounts for a large proportion in human food consumption, and the safety of animal products is the key to ensuring human food safety. The safety of feed additives is also the key to ensuring the safety of animal products. With the rapid development of animal husbandry and feed industry, the use of feed additives is becoming more and more widespread. Feed additives mainly aim to protect the nutrients in feed, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, regulate metabolism, enhance animal health, improve the utilization efficiency of nutrients, improve the production level of animals, improve the quality of animal products, and reduce production costs. Therefore, feed additives have become a basic material for animal feed intake. In the food chain of feed additives-animal-humans, feed additives are the most basic and important link. Through the enrichment effect of organisms, some chemical components in animal feed additives will gradually accumulate in the human body, becoming an important factor affecting human health. Therefore, feed additives are indirect food for humans, and the safety of feed additives determines the safety of animal products, which is closely related to people's health.

The hazards of feed additive abuse

Normally, animal feed additives should meet at least three basic requirements: safety, effectiveness, and non-pollution to the environment. However, many feed additives currently do not meet these basic requirements. Their abuse and excessive use have caused a series of food safety incidents, and also caused problems such as environmental pollution and hindered the export of animal products.

The abuse and excessive use of drug feed additives directly endanger human health. When drug additives enter the animal body, most of them are filtered by the kidneys and excreted with urine. The remaining harmful residues will accumulate in animal bodies. People who eat such animal products will cause damage to human physiological functions, such as disability, allergy, deformity, cancer, genetic mutation, and other diseases, which seriously jeopardize human health. Long-term excessive use of drug additives will also make pathogens in animal bodies resistant, which brings great difficulties to human antibiotics treatment.

The abuse of animal feed additives has also caused serious harm to the environment. At present, in order to make animals grow faster and improve economic benefits, people use large doses of copper, zinc, and arsenic preparations in animal husbandry, and these elements are discharged through animal manure, directly polluting the surrounding environment, such as soil, water sources, and air.

In recent years, mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, highly pathogenic pig blue ear disease, "melamine", "clenbuterol", and antibiotic residues have repeatedly hit people's trust in food safety. The consumption of animal products accounts for a large proportion in human food consumption, and the safety of animal products is the key to ensuring human food safety. Livestock farmers must use animal feed additives safely.

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