Effects of Mannose Oligosaccharides and Prebiotics in Feed Additives

There are many types of feed additives, and different additives have different functions. So in order to make them more effective, we need to understand different additives and their functions. make better use of it. So, today we will take the role of mannose oligosaccharide and prebiotics as an example, and tell you what effect it can play.

1. Mannan oligosaccharides and prebiotics in feed additives inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria and keep the intestinal flora normal

Inhibit and prevent the occurrence of harmful bacteria in the intestine, increase the beneficial bacteria, and restore and maintain a healthy intestinal flora. It mainly inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic Escherichia coli, Clostridium, Salmonella, β-hemolytic bacteria, etc.

2. Mannan oligosaccharides and prebiotics in feed additives produce hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a damaging effect on several potential pathogenic microorganisms, and it is formed on some substrates by some special substances.

3. Mannan oligosaccharides and prebiotics in feed additives produce digestive enzymes

Synthesis of vitamins can produce digestive enzymes such as amylase and protease, as well as vitamin B complex, and the synthesis of vitamin A has also been confirmed.

4. Mannan oligosaccharides and prebiotics in feed additives optimize the ecological environment

Prebiotics and enzyme preparations in animal feed additives decompose crude protein, phytase and anti-nutritional factors that are not easily absorbed and utilized by animals in the process of animal intestinal metabolism. The source of odor can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful gases in animal manure, improve the breeding environment, reduce the harm of ammonia to human body, and prevent the occurrence of respiratory and intestinal diseases of livestock and poultry.

5. Mannan oligosaccharides and prebiotics in feed additives enhance immunity

By stimulating the immune system cells in the gut, it increases the formation of local antibodies, thereby enhancing immunity. macrophage activity. Microbial feed additives can accumulate a large amount of vitamin A, which has an immune-enhancing effect, in the liver.

To sum up, it is the role that mannose oligosaccharides and prebiotics can play in feed additives, then you will also find that this type of additives mainly play the role of increasing beneficial flora, and cannot effectively enhance the feed. conversion rate. Then if you want feed additives that play this role, you can buy them from Fuxin, we will do our best to provide you with good service and affordable products!

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