The Rise and Internal Layout Optimization of the API Pharma Market

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) typically refer to chemical API pharmas, which are the effective components in chemical pharmaceutical formulations, prepared from various medical powders, crystals, extracts, etc. through chemical synthesis, plant extraction, or biotechnology. Within the industry, API pharma are generally classified into three categories: bulk API pharmas, specialty API pharmas, and patented API pharmas. The Chinese market is accelerating its supply share in the global market. From a global perspective, Western Europe, North America, Japan, and China and India are the four major production areas for API pharmas, with two distinct characteristics currently emerging.

The rise of the API pharma market

One, the supply center of chemical product API pharma is accelerating its shift from developed areas in Europe and America to emerging countries. From the supply side, as cost pressures and environmental protection requirements continue to intensify, the trend of global API pharmas supply shifting to the Asia-Pacific region is evident.

Second, the supply pattern of segmented types is still apparent. From the perspective of the segmented field structure, China has advantages in bulk API pharma production based on industrialization, India is driving specialty API pharma production through its generic drug industry, while the United States still occupies the advantage in patented API pharmas. This is particularly evident in the standardized market for API pharma supply patterns.

The distribution pattern of the API pharma industry is undergoing restructuring

In recent years, with the implementation of environmental protection policies, some regional plans have included chemical API pharma in restricted categories, requiring a large number of API pharma companies to relocate, and many traditional API pharma production bases face industrial contraction. At the same time, in the stage of overall cost control and supply chain, environmental governance, land, and human resource costs continue to increase, and some chemical product API pharma companies have been forced to move outward. While the chemical API pharmas industry is shifting to western and central regions, it should also extend to small cities in other regions that can receive support in policies, resources, and other areas. At the same time, attention should be paid to improving green production capabilities and standards.

The increasing global population and aging push the drug market to continue expanding, coupled with the arrival of the patent cliff, the accelerated development of generic drugs, and the continuous growth in demand for the upstream API pharma. At the international level, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a continued tightening of the global supply chain, with Asia, especially China, accelerating its attraction of global industrial transfers based on its good epidemic prevention and control capabilities and complete industrial chain foundation. At the national level, strict supervision and environmental policies jointly promote industrial transformation and upgrading and structural optimization, providing an opportunity for the development of API pharmas.

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