Application of Flavors and Fragrances in the Food Industry

The flavor of food plays a crucial role in consumer choice and consumption. In the production process of food, natural or artificially synthesized edible flavorings are often added to enhance the aroma and unique flavors of the food.

The flavor and fragrance industry occupies an important position in the field of food additives, and many fast and convenient processed foods and snack foods are added with food flavors and fragrances.

Analysis of Current Situation of Edible Flavors and Fragrances

In today's society, the fragrance industry is developing rapidly. Major fragrance companies in the international market are actively recruiting talents, improving production conditions, equipping more advanced instruments and equipment, and are integrating flavors and fragrances to conquer the market as the final product.

Edible flavors and fragrances are widely used, especially in the processing of beverages, processed meat products, and sweet foods. They are widely used as people consider them as a "self-limiting" additive. The amount of edible flavours & fragrances added is often limited by the level of consumer acceptance, and therefore, safety issues are often overlooked. Enterprises may use inferior materials or non-food grade materials for production. Due to the widespread use of flavours & fragrances in processed foods, convenience foods, baked goods, dairy products, candy, and snack foods, the food industry will become the largest market for edible flavours & fragrances. Currently, there are more and more fragrance and flavoring companies, and many large international fragrance companies are actively expanding their share of the global market.

Analysis of Development Trends of Edible Flavors and Fragrances

With the rapid development of the world economy, the product life cycle is generally becoming shorter. The concept of pursuing health has already deeply rooted in people's hearts. The flavor of food is the soul of food, and edible flavorings can compensate for the natural flavor lost in the manufacturing process of food. The deep processing of agricultural products needs to supplement the lack of original fragrance; the development of technology and the emergence of engineering food require an increase in fragrance; and the rise and promotion of functional foods, convenience foods, frozen foods, and microwave foods require the synchronous development of new composite seasoning.

Although the amount of edible flavours & fragrances used is generally very small, they are essential food additives. Edible flavors and fragrances are becoming more and more complex, and healthy, functional and flavorful products are the key to success. As people's living standards improve, their demands for food are becoming higher and higher.

With the industrialization of traditional foods, the transformation of edible flavors and fragrances is continuously evolving. They are increasingly becoming industrialized and standardized operations that not only focus on solving complex technical problems related to process, equipment, and product safety, but also focus on changes in the industrialization process to maximize the sensory and nutritional quality of food during the shelf life. Efforts are also being made to strengthen the training of professional and advanced flavor and fragrance talents.

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