What is the Difference Between Natural Fragrance and Artificial Fragrance?

There are many raw materials for making perfume, which are generally divided into artificial and natural according to traditional classification. What everyone is most concerned about is the use of fragrance in perfume, whether it is pure natural or synthetic, so what is the difference between natural fragrance and artificial fragrance?

1. Natural fragrance

Natural fragrance and fragrance are substances obtained from biological or animal materials by physical separation methods such as distillation and extraction. The resulting raw material is essentially the same chemically as the raw material, but in a concentrated form. These refined fragrances often contain hundreds of different chemical elements. Even the substance obtained in this way is not exactly the same as the original substance.

In ancient civilizations, macerated spices scented the body; in the Middle Ages, Arab scientists invented the technique of distillation; by the 19th century, concentrated ethanol could be used to make tinctures; in the early 20th century, the technique of solvent extraction was available. . Today's techniques are capable of extracting or isolating individual chemical substances from natural sources. However, although this substance predominates, other substances in the raw material are incidentally included. Therefore, generally speaking, the purer the raw material extracted, the more expensive it is. Because other sundries can change the quality of the fragrance.

2. Artificial fragrance

Artificial fragrances are substances obtained through chemical reactions. Some artificial chemicals can be isolated from nature or can only be produced artificially. Since the technology of obtaining artificial fragrances by chemical reactions, a large number of artificial fragrances and fragrances have been born, and their respective purity is different. We all know that increasing purity means increasing cost. Impure impurities will affect the quality of fragrance, and residues in chemical reactions will also have an impact, because some of them react strongly, which will affect the safety of the substance. Most of the chemical ingredients in modern perfumes are synthetic.

3. The difference between natural fragrance and artificial fragrance

To say which is better, natural fragrances or artificial fragrances, cannot be distinguished in one word, because natural fragrances have been used for thousands of years, while artificial fragrances have been used for less than a hundred years, and natural fragrances will naturally get higher recognition. However, natural fragrances may not be able to achieve the effect of artificial fragrances. The reason is that there is separation, and other substances in natural raw materials also play a role and affect the role of the main substances. At the same time, natural fragrances are much more expensive than artificial fragrances. For example, the price of rose essential oil, which was once used by the European royal court, was as high as 630,000 euros/kg, because the extraction of its materials is pure natural raw materials, and the fragrance is in After referring to the raw materials and fragrance characteristics of perfume rose essential oil, the rose fragrance was developed. Rose fragrance retains the fragrance and fragrance charm of perfume rose essential oil, and the price of rose fragrance is less than one ten thousandth of the latter. It can be said that artificial fragrances have become the mainstream of the modern fragrance world, and are playing an increasingly important role in industries such as perfume, cosmetics and daily chemicals.

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