Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 for sale
Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 for sale
Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 for sale

Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Ornidazole acts on the DNA of anaerobic bacteria, amoeba, Giardia and Trichomonas cells, causing its helical structure to break or block its transcription and replication and cause its death, achieving the purpose of antibacterial and antiprotoplasm.

Ornidazole is mainly used to treat a variety of infectious diseases caused by susceptible anaerobic bacteria, as well as the prevention of infections before surgery. Ornidazole is indicated for infections caused by sensitive microorganisms and anaerobic bacteria. 1. Genitourinary tract infections in men and women caused by Trichomonasis. 2. Intestinal and hepatic amoebiasis caused by amoeba (including amoebic dysentery and amoebic liver abscess). 3. Giardiasis. 4. Anaerobic infections: such as sepsis, meningitis, peritonitis, postoperative wound infection, postpartum sepsis, septic abortion, endometritis and other infections caused by sensitive bacteria. 5. Prevention of anaerobic bacteria infection after various surgeries.

Specifications of Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5

AppearanceWhite or white yellow crystalline powderComplies
Sulphated ash≤0.2%0.04%
2-Methyl-5-nitroimidazole (TLC)≤0.2%Absent
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.05%
Assay99.0%~101.0 %99.8%

Parameters of Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5

Product parameters
Cas number:16773-42-5
Appearance:White or white yellow crystalline powder
Package details:25kg/fiber drum

Package of our Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 Wholesale

Package of our Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5

Application of Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5 Bulk

Used as antiparasitic agents.

Application of Ornidazole CAS 16773-42-5

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