L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0 for sale
L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0 for sale

L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0 Wholesale & Bulk

L-Arabinose is a commonly used food additive.

L-arabinose is mostly used in beverages and beverages, dairy products, chocolate, candy, bakery and pastry, health oral liquid, health wine or weight loss food, mainly using the principle of inhibiting sucrose absorption to achieve the purpose of controlling weight and blood sugar under daily eating habits. As a sugar substitute or table with sugar, it can be directly combined with cane sugar. L-arabinose has been widely added to dairy products such as milk powder, yogurt and milk drinks.

Specifications Of L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0

Appearancewhite powderconform

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Parameters Of L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0

Product parameters
Cas number:5328-37-0
Appearance:white powder
Package details:25Kg/Drum

Packing Of L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0 Wholesale

Packing Of L-Arabinose CAS 5328-37-0

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