Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4 for sale
Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4 for sale
Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4 for sale

Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4 Wholesale & Bulk

Nitazoxanide is an amide-based antianaerobic drug with broad-spectrum anti-protozoa, helminth, and bacterial properties, especially for the treatment of cryptosporidiosis infections in AIDS patients. At the same time, it also has a therapeutic effect on hepatitis B, hepatitis C, dysentery, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal viral infections.

Nitazoxanide has a broad spectrum of antibacterial and antiparasitic effects. It is capable of treating infections caused by helminths such as dysentery amoeba, giardia, trichomoniasis vaginalis and protozoa and campylobacter jejuni, clostridium difficile, helicobacter pylori and other bacteria.

Specifications of Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4

AppearanceYellow or light yellow powderLight yellow powder
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.21%
Residue on ignition≤0.15%0.09%
Heavy metals≤10ppmConforms

Parameters of Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4

Product parameters
Cas number:55981-09-4
Appearance:Light yellow crystalline powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of our Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4 Wholesale

Package of our Nitazoxanide CAS 55981-09-4

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