Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 for sale
Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 for sale
Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 for sale
Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 for sale

Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 Wholesale & Bulk

Tranexamic Acid is a synthetic derivative of lysine, which is a commonly used hemostatic drug in clinical practice, which exerts hemostasis by inhibiting the dissolution of fibrin. Tranexamic acid can inhibit plasmin, plasminogen and fibrin binding, thereby strongly inhibiting the breakdown of fibrin caused by plasmin, in addition, in the presence of anti-plasmin such as macroglobulin in the serum, the antifibrinolytic effect of tranexamic acid is more obvious.

The chemical structure of tranexamic acid is similar to lysine, which can competitively inhibit the adsorption of plasminogen on fibrin, prevent its activation, protect fibrin from being degraded and dissolved by plasmin, and finally achieve hemostatic effect. It is suitable for the treatment of various bleeding caused by acute or chronic, localized or systemic primary fibrinolysis, such as obstetric hemorrhage, renal hemorrhage, prostatic hypertrophy hemorrhage, hemophilia, tuberculosis hemorrhage, gastric bleeding, bleeding after liver, lung, spleen and other visceral surgery; It can also be used for abnormal bleeding during surgery.

Specifications of Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8

AppearanceWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline Powder
Heavy metals≤10ppm<10ppm
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.22%
Sulphated ash≤0.1%0.05%

Parameters of Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8

Product parameters
Cas number:1197-18-8
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Package details:1kg/foil bag; 25kg/drum

Package of our Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8 Wholesale

Package of our Tranexamic Acid CAS 1197-18-8

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