Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 for sale
Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 for sale
Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 for sale
Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 for sale

Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 Wholesale & Bulk

Oxytocin is absorbed by the oral mucosa and selectively acts on the smooth muscles of the uterus, promoting uterine contractions. It is suitable for hastening parturition.

Oxytocin is a kind of uterotonic drug, has a selective excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscle, strengthens its contractions, the labor uterus is most sensitive to oxytocin (increased estrogen secretion), the immature uterus is unresponsive to this product, the uterus is less responsive to oxytocin in the first or second trimester, and gradually increases in the third trimester of pregnancy, reaching the highest before delivery. Small doses can strengthen the rhythmic contraction of smooth muscle at the bottom of the uterus, strengthen its contractility, accelerate the frequency of contraction, and the contraction nature is similar to natural childbirth, and maintain polarity and symmetry, so it is clinically used to induce labor and induce labor. Large doses make the uterine muscle tonic contraction, clinically used to compress the blood vessels between muscle fibers, prevent postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum insufficiency, and promote lactation, so that the breast ducts contract, promote milk discharge from the breast, but can not increase the secretion of milk, can only promote milk excretion.

Specifications of Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6

AppearanceWhite to off-white amorphous powderConforms
Specific rotation-24°~-28°-25.8°
Single impurities≤1.5%1.0%
Total impurity≤5.0%1.0%
Related substance≥98%99.05%
Peptide contentKjeldahl determination:≥85%88.5 %
Acetate content6.0%~ 10.0%7.1 %

Parameters of Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6

Product parameters
Cas number:50-56-6
Appearance:White to off-white amorphous powder
Package details:10g/bottle

Package of our Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 Wholesale

Package of our Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6

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