Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 for sale
Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 for sale
Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 for sale
Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 for sale

Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 Wholesale & Bulk

Artemisinin has the characteristics of high efficiency, quick action, heat clearance, insecticide, low toxicity, etc., and is widely used in the treatment of malaria. Artemisinin has a powerful and rapid killing effect on the red inner phase of the malaria parasite, and can quickly control clinical episodes and symptoms. Artemisinin also has outstanding effects on chicken coccidiosis, porcine erythrocyte disease, toxoplasmosis, yin deficiency fever, humid heat jaundice, vivax malaria, falciparum malaria, cerebral malaria and chloroquine-resistant malaria.

Description of Artemisinin from Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co.,Ltd

Basic Information of Artemisinin

Product   Name





White   to off-white crystalline powder




1kg/Foil   Bag,25kg/Drum/Box




Cool   and dry place

Shelf   Life

2   Years



Specifications(COA) of Factory Supply 100% Artemisinin Powder CAS NO 63968-64-9 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API Herbal Extract Cosmetic raw material with Good Price





White to off-white crystalline powder


Melting point



Specific optical rotation

+75°~ +78°


Color reaction

A purple color is produced


Color reaction

A deep violet-red color is produced



The retention time of main peak in test   preparation should match with of that of the working standardas obtained from   assay by HPLC test



The infrared absorption spectrum of the   product should be consistent with the map of the reference substance (220   sets of spectra)


Related   substances

Single impurity ≤3.0%


Total impurities ≤5.0%


Loss   on drying



Residue   on ignition







The product conforms to the standard of CP2010.

Introduction of Artemisinin.

Artemisinin is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the sweet wormwood plant, scientifically known as Artemisia annua.  It is a sesquiterpene lactone with a unique peroxide bridge, which is crucial for its biological activity.  Artemisinin is renowned for its potent antimalarial properties and has been a significant breakthrough in the treatment of malaria.

Key Features of Artemisinin

Natural Origin: Derived from the sweet wormwood plant (Artemisia annua), which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Chemical Structure: It is a sesquiterpene lactone containing an endoperoxide bridge, which is essential for its antimalarial activity.

Potent Antimalarial Agent: Known for its rapid action against malaria parasites, particularly Plasmodium falciparum, the most deadly malaria parasite.

Derivatives: Several derivatives of artemisinin have been developed to enhance its efficacy and pharmacokinetic properties, including artesunate, artemether, and dihydroartemisinin.

Mechanism of Action: Artemisinin works by producing reactive oxygen species that damage the proteins and membranes of the malaria parasite, leading to its death.

Resistance Management: Often used in combination with other antimalarial drugs to prevent the development of resistance.

Artemisinin’s discovery and development have been pivotal in the fight against malaria, earning it a prominent place in modern medicine.

Application of Artemisinin.

Artemisinin, derived from the sweet wormwood plant (Artemisia annua), is primarily known for its potent antimalarial properties.   Here are the main applications of artemisinin:

1.Antimalarial Treatment

Primary Use: Artemisinin is most renowned for its use in treating malaria, particularly caused by Plasmodium falciparum, the most deadly malaria parasite.

Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies (ACTs): To enhance efficacy and reduce the risk of resistance, artemisinin is often used in combination with other antimalarial drugs.   ACTs are the standard treatment recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for uncomplicated malaria.

Rapid Action: Artemisinin and its derivatives (such as artesunate, artemether, and dihydroartemisinin) act quickly to reduce the number of parasites in the blood, providing rapid relief from symptoms.

2.Potential Anticancer Properties

Research: Preliminary studies suggest that artemisinin and its derivatives may have anticancer properties.   They are believed to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells and inhibit their proliferation.

Mechanism: The anticancer effects are thought to be due to the generation of reactive oxygen species and the disruption of cellular functions in cancer cells.

Clinical Trials: Ongoing research and clinical trials are investigating the safety and efficacy of artemisinin in cancer treatment.

3.Antiviral and Antibacterial Activities

Broad-Spectrum Activity: Some studies indicate that artemisinin may have antiviral and antibacterial properties, although these applications are still under investigation.

Potential Uses: Research is exploring the use of artemisinin in treating viral infections and bacterial diseases, but more evidence is needed to establish its effectiveness.

4.Anti-inflammatory Effects

Research: Artemisinin has shown anti-inflammatory properties in some studies, which could make it useful in treating inflammatory diseases.

Potential Applications: These anti-inflammatory effects are still being researched, and their clinical applications are not yet well-established.

5.Veterinary Medicine

Animal Health: Artemisinin and its derivatives are also used in veterinary medicine to treat malaria and other parasitic infections in animals.


Artemisinin is a powerful antimalarial compound with a range of potential applications beyond malaria treatment.   Its rapid action and effectiveness have made it a cornerstone in the fight against malaria, significantly reducing morbidity and mortality rates worldwide.   Ongoing research is exploring its potential in cancer therapy, antiviral and antibacterial treatments, and anti-inflammatory uses, although these applications require further validation through clinical trials.

FAQ From Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co.,Ltd


Can I get a sample for free ?


For small QTY and low value product, we can provide   sample for free exclude shipping cost. For high value sample, we will charge   the basic sample cost, but we can refund all the cost if customers place   order after sample test.


How to confirm the product quality before placing   orders ?


Most of our products confirm to international   standards like USP/EP/BP/JP/CP. We will provide COA/TDS/MSDS for customers to   confirm the specification before placing order.


What is the payment you accept?


For small and low value order, we accept CreditCard,   MaterCard,VISA,Western Union and T/T.For large order, we can do T/T and L/C. Any   pay on delivery or pay-after are not available for us.


What is your shipment way ?


For less than 100kg gross weight order will ship   with courier like FedEx or UPS, we support customers to place courier orders   remotely by their account, we will package the goods well and wait for pick   up.For more than 100kg goods, we will transport by Air or Sea according to   customers' requirement.


How long is your after-sales service?


We accept customer’s quality complaint in three   month after customer received the goods. We provide for all-life   if customer place order from our company.


How do you treat   quality complaint ?


We support customer   to provide our products to any rightful third party testing organization to   test our products according to the COA specification, if the test result is   confirm with COA, we will take all the loss for customers.


Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co.,Ltd established in 2006, is a big integrative chemical enterprise being engaged in Pharmaceutical and Intermediates, Food and Feed additives, Fine chemicals,Biochemical and Reagent, which is  the members of Hubei E-commerce Chamber.

Our company has professional persons who major in chemical R&D and sicentific management, supply fine chemical products with high quality and close service, also supply custom-tailored products according to our clients' requirement.

We have a positive and self-motivated management work team with a common philosophy, caring and commitment through teamwork, our team strive to achieve success in delighting our clients and ourselves.

Since Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co., Ltd founded, we continuously innovate our products and improve our service, sales network. Hence, we initiate the first sale mode on net in China, which is the retail trade of small package bring along wholesale of diversified management modes. Our products are exported widely to South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Europe and South America, highly recommended by our clients.We insist on the management creed “Market is our compass, Quality is our life, Credit is our soul”. Clients’ trust is our forward power, their satisfaction is our struggling goal.

Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which provide Artemisinin with good quality and best price, welcome to contact us to get COA/TDS/MSDS of Artemisinin.

Our Packages Of Product CAS 63968-64-9 : 1kg/foil bag;25kg/drum Wholesale

Our Packages Of Product CAS 63968-64-9 : 1kg/foil bag;25kg/drum

Unique Advantages For Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 Bulk

When considering the procurement of malaria treatment artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9 , it’s essential to turn to reputable artemisinin powder suppliers who can guarantee the highest standards of purity and quality. Here are some unique advantages of sourcing artemisinin from Fortuna:

Guaranteed Purity: Leading suppliers of artemisinin ensure that the product meets the highest purity standards. This is crucial for research and pharmaceutical applications, where the efficacy and safety of the final product depend on the starting materials’ purity.

High Quality & Competitive Price: Selecting wholesale artemisinin from trusted suppliers like Fortuna ensures top-notch products at favorable prices.

Quality Control: Quality control is a cornerstone in the supply of artemisinin. Fortuna implement comprehensive quality control protocols at every stage of production, from raw material sourcing to final packaging. This ensures that the artemisinin powder not only meets the required purity and quality standards but also complies with regulatory requirements, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the integrity of their products.

Fast Feedback: We ensure prompt responses to customer inquiries, orders, and concerns, maintaining efficient communication. If you have any needs, feel free to contact us.

Prompt Shipment: Fortuna recognizes the need for quick delivery to keep research and production on schedule. We ensure timely shipment of wholesale artemisinin with efficient logistics, reducing delays and supporting ongoing projects.

Unique Advantages For Artemisinin CAS 63968-64-9

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