Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3 for sale
Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3 for sale
Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3 for sale

Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3 Wholesale & Bulk

Liothyronine has the effect of promoting material metabolism and energy release, and can also promote growth and development. T3 or Liothyronine is a thyroid hormone involved with many physiological processes in the human body including growth and development, metabolism, body temperature and heart rate. Free and total T3 serum levels are measured by LC-MS/MS for determination of hyperthyroidism caused by excess T3. This Certified Spiking Solution? is suitable for use as a starting material in preparation of linearity standards, calibrators, and controls for thyroid hormone testing methods by LC-MS/MS.

Specifications of Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3

AppearanceLight yellow to buff-coloredConforms
Loss on drying<0.2%0.08%
Chloride content<1.2%0.20%

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Parameters of Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3

Product parameters
Cas number:6893-02-3
Appearance:Light yellow to buff-colored
Package details:10g/bottle; 100g/foil bag

Packing of Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3 Wholesale

Packing of Liothyronine CAS 6893-02-3

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