L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 for sale
L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 for sale
L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 for sale
L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 for sale

L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 Wholesale & Bulk

L-Valine is a type of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), which cannot be synthesized by the animal body itself and must be ingested from the diet to meet its nutritional needs, so it is a necessary amino acid.

L-valine is one of the 8 essential amino acids for the human body, has special physiological functions in the human body, and is an important substance for maintaining human life activities. Microbial fermentation has gradually become the main way to produce L-valine worldwide, and the cost of producing L-valine by fermentation is mainly affected by the level of fermentation. At present, L-valine mainly uses Corynebacterium glutamate after metabolic engineering for fermentation production, and this method mainly faces the problems of low glycoacid conversion rate, feedback inhibition caused by the accumulation of main products, and excessive accumulation of by-product alanine in the middle and late stages affecting the final L-valine extraction.

Specifications of L-Valine CAS 72-18-4







White crystals or crystalline power

Crystalline power

Loss on drying



Parameters of L-Valine CAS 72-18-4

Product parameters
Cas number:72-18-4
Appearance:White crystals or crystalline power
Package details:25kg/drum

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Unique Advantages for L-Valine Cas72-18-4

Our packages of L-Valine CAS 72-18-4 Bulk

Our packages of L-Valine CAS 72-18-4

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